If you wish, we can also take care of the little things that sometimes consume more time than you would think and like. Most of the time, these tasks are of a more private nature, but have to be organised during working hours. We would be happy to arrange an individual service package with you.

Dry cleaner
Didn't have enough time to stop by at the dry cleaner's? We will be pleased to take over this trip for you.
Dog Service
Do you have no time for your beloved four-legged friend due to a spontaneous important meeting? We would be happy to organise a certified and competent walking service for you.
Often, after a good meeting, people spontaneously decide to go out for dinner. But where to go? We know where it's particularly trendy at the moment and where you and your guests are welcomed with a smile.
More than 70% of business decisions are based on emotions. Sharing joy and particularly remarkable moments binds people together. We know which sporting and cultural events are coming up and how you can deliver the icing on the cake to your meeting, exclusively in a box if you wish.
Event planing
No need to be nervous about larger gatherings, because
this is our supreme discipline. The events of artribute are always characterized by the smooth and stylish interplay of many trades, so that you can meet your guests with the attention they deserve.
There is much more than just kentia palms and ficus. In times of a pronounced urban jungle culture, the right choice of plants can make a significant change to improve the climate of your meeting. And this is not just proverbially speaking.
Our stylish floral arrangements have always brightened up artribute's events. We say: It can also be done on a small scale.
Small presents keep friendships alive. Surprise your guests or colleagues with intelligent gifts.

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